NavisHealth’s HealthNote

NavisHealth, a enterprise digital health technology provider, delivers products that give patients the tools they need to become active participants in their care and for clinicians to improve patient engagement and health management.

Project Overview

Our team conducted competitive and comparative research, refined the problem statement, and developed the product concept. We started our design for this new product offering utilizing white-boarding, feature affinity maps, red routes, sketches, wireframes through final comps and annotations delivered to our development team. HealthNote’s web application enables healthcare providers to design, automate, and monitor their patient’s specific care plan through simple logic, conventional tools, and drag and drop functionality. It delivers custom communications that not only shares necessary information and important reminders with the patient key to their recovery, but also collects valuable data and patient status. This data is then collected in the cloud and presented and prioritized in a dashboard display and individual patient details.

Project Details

Client:  NavisHealth
Platform:  Web App
Skills:  User Research, Ideation, Sketching, Wireframes, User Testing, Visual Design
Software:  Sketch, Marvel
Timeframe:  2.5 Months
Design Team:  5 designers


This complete web application provides an innovative new approach to providing automated follow-up care to patients and delivering invaluable information to clinicians. A custom workflow/survey builder was designed using a simple drag-and-drop interface combined with a step-by-step process for clinicians to send out educational information and collect specific data on the recovery of their patients. The product also includes a simple on-boarding process, patient setup and management tools, comprehensive data dashboard, as well as administrative tools and permission settings.