Experience designer interested in ideation, interaction design, wireframing, prototyping, and information architecture. I offer additional skills and experience with visual and graphic design.

More project examples coming soon.

Corporate Career Site

An internal corporate career site and mobile app concept

This very large international company lacks an easy and accessible internal job site to help keep talent within the company while allowing employees to seek growth in their current positions and opportunities beyond their current career.

Workplace Mobile Assistant

A secure internal productivity assistant application

Too many meetings, too many emails, lots of people to talk to, lots of work to get done… this was an internal tool concept being developed to help management keep on task with their teams, schedules and deliverables.


A Clinical Web Application

Delivers a follow-up care solution for healthcare providers to design, automate, and monitor patient’s post-visit recovery, improving communication, saving time, and decreasing re-admittance rates.

Aftercare Patient App

Mobile Application for Patients

An easy-to-use mobile application for patients distributing educational information/videos and tailored messages/reminders. Custom built surveys collect data to monitor patient recovery. Improves adherence to treatment plans and helps patients participate in their recovery process.

CareGiver App

Mobile Application for Caregivers

An intuitive application that allows a patient to assign one or more caregivers to access their aftercare status and recovery plan. Patients have control over how much they share with each caregiver, while the caregivers have a consolidated place to track the recovery progress and needs of each of their patients.

I have a wide range of experience to offer.

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My design philosophy is the metaphoric love child of Leonardo Da Vinci & MacGyver. I seek knowledge, beauty, and simplicity to give back to the world through design. I strive to utilize everyday UX tools to perform extraordinary feats of problem solving.